This Awesome Pet Water Bottle Feeder Is All You Need To Walk Your Dog!

Small Size And Easy To Carry Out

  • Prevent water leakage Multi-function-integrated detachable dog water bottle, four portable leak-proof pet drinking water cup upgrade five-in-one dog water bottle with drinking water bowl, water storage cup, snack tank, garbage bag and stool shovel, with fish shape Slow food mats can solve the problem of pets outdoor, travel, and camping.

Set Combination

Dog water bottle + portable slow food tray, bring you a new experience. The water storage bottle is convenient to drink water and food storage. The top lanyard is convenient to go out. The water bottle is convenient to carry or put the backpack. It is easy to clean the dog in time to clean the dog. The children can easily operate.

Harmlessly Durable Materials

  • Dog water bottle are made of healthy and environmentally friendly food grade ABS + PC materials, safe and durable, can provide healthy and clean drinking water for dogs, travel and outdoor activities, never have to worry about drinking dirty water Or eat unhealthy food.

Dog Water Bottle Can Be Split By Demand

  • Can be used alone or separate dog food in a single, a large capacity of 300ml. The design of the O-type drinking water is more conforming to the dog’s oral structure. Its food storage capacity is 100ml, which can make the dog like snacks and food, and the water bottle is equipped with a double anti-leak-proof switch, which can be hydrated and excessive Water flows in the cup.

Here’s Everything You Get…

  • Dog Food Storage

  • Garbage Collection Bag

  • Poop Shovel

  • Water Jug

  • Built-In Food Cup

  • Easy Touch Water Lock/Flow

  • 300 ml Water Capacity

  • Built-In Disposable Poop Pags

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